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This is our way...Banking, People Style

Participatory, socially just and equitable Partner Cooperatives, NGOs & POs hold a stake in the organization and are actively involved in the workings of FPSDC - from the direction and objective settings to the crafting of policies & guidelines to the resolution of major issues. Members - themselves owners and managers share equal footing. As befits the essence of cooperativism, the growth of one ushers development for all.

A variety of innovative packaged services FPSDC provides innovative packages that come in different forms that suit the financing and non-financing needs of the partners. Processing of proposals is as fast and efficient, as systems are flexible and dynamic. Its assistance criteria challenges organizations to come up with viable projects, maintain a good track record and sustain enterprises.

Enhances and sustains the capability and self-empowering process of communities FPSDC operates around the ideals of partnership and the sharing of a common vision. Thus, Cooperatives, NGOs and POs contribute counterpart equities that enhance their capability and complement their own processes. The Institution Building (IB) program sets the ground for Cooperatives, NGOs and POs to eventually pass the torch - continuously develop their respective market, products and enterprises, install more efficient systems and deliver financial services.

Profitable with sustained and significant impact Gains can only be consolidated and felt when initiatives are not only viable but profitable and sustained, scaled up and expanded. FPSDC lends project support beyond financial services but supplements these through a programmed and focused strategy for the communities' development. Organizationally, it seeks to expand its membership base, increase its programs and services and upgrade its systems and operations. Supports campaigns for sustainable development, agrarian reform, social justice and reforms in the formal financing systems All too well, FPSDC is familiar with the current financing, political and economic structures that make poor and marginalized rural families, poorer and more disadvantaged. FPSDC realizes that its mandate of making the people's style banking work, and work well, can be best amplified by supporting campaigns for sustainable development, agrarian reform and social justice.

Consolidate the efforts and learn from development groups Networking with other groups operating in similar circumstances and sharing the same goal will greatly push the movement towards pro-people banking forward. There is much to learn from the experiences of civil society to same time and resources. Consolidating these gains will create a more significant impact and provide more lasting benefits. It is as one partner puts it, " The (FPSDC) is beyond a tool for development...it is an institution of wider communities."

Recognition of the need to provide long-term solutions to the deeply-rooted problem of rural poverty Economic marginalization exists in the context of political and personal issues, and vice-versa. Poverty has many faces just as the empowerment comes in different versions and processes. FPSDC's role and niche may only answer a part of the problem. But in responding efficiently to the financial and non-financial concerns of the community enterprises, FPSDC knows that it, too, forms part of the solution.