Replication Project

Red Root Artists Cooperative started as an ideal: we all wanted to change the world—to save it, in a manner of speaking. However, in pursuing such goals, we encountered a severe lack of resources and support. But eventually, we found inspiration from Mondragon’s cooperative model and became the first in the Philippines to create an artists cooperative.

We started by doing a bit of everything: from advertising, to branding, to print design. Then we studied 3D and animation, and we mastered web and video production. Eventually, we ended up doing various combinations of our skill set, which led us to doing modernization work for museums and 3D Projection Mapping installations.

Our first 7 years were a struggle, especially in gaining funding and support from our country’s cooperative sector, but we were fortunate to have such young, passionate, and brilliant minds as our founding members. Before long, we managed to complete two fundraising campaigns, and one of our members was even awarded as one of the 7 Modern Filipino Heroes.

Through our efforts, we have become pioneers—with our animation and information videos now considered the benchmark in the industry. We have also consistently done advocacy work for environmental causes, and we have created communication materials for top government agencies, selected NGOs, and institutions like the World Bank.

Over the last thirteen years, we have learned that being in a cooperative means many things; but, most of all, it means having the freedom to pursue our ideals and contribute to society while becoming financially independent. During the past year, we realized that this quality of cooperatives can be used to help the gig events economy, which is currently suffering due to the pandemic.

That is why we opted to take this opportunity to gear up for the next century. Our initiative will take Red Root’s best practices and apply them towards organizing the gig events economy. We will create a cooperative that provides a platform where young people can organize themselves and consolidate opportunities for both online and offline events. We hope that this platform will become a model to replicate our vision of creating unique cooperative enterprises led by the next generation.

However, we need your support to make this vision a reality. You can support us by hiring our cooperative for your design needs—be it for video, web, print, interior design, museum works, or events. You may also help through seed funds and donations. And if you are interested in partnerships and co-op to co-op investments, we would be glad to work with you.